The site I will be showing you today  will do all of the hard work for you,   and by using it as you can see I made $473  today and $387 yesterday, so if you wanna   start make money online make sure to keep  watching until the end as I will show   you step by step how to set this up for  yourself so you can start making money   online, just before we start let me remind   you that if you like this type of  content and you wanna see more,   give this video a thumbs up  below I really do appreciate it,   and if you haven't already be sure to click  on that red subscribe button and turn on the   notification so you get notified  whenever a new video pops up,   with that said, lets now get right to it.

Okay so before I even go ahead and show you   all of the steps in this tutorial and all the  sites you need to use in order to make this work,   here is evidence of my own earnings,   this is just in 2 days in affiliate commissions,  this affiliate strategy guys differs from the rest   mainly due to the fact that you don't even have to share your affiliate link anywhere whatsoever.

   You won't have to spam your link in  YouTube comments, you won't have to   create any videos, you won't have to go to various facebook groups, no twitter,   nothing like that, the tool I will be showing  you literally does everything for you and I   will show you step by step how to set everything up for yourself,   before I go ahead and show you the tool however,  let me first off reveal to you the site that   actually paid me in these affiliate commissions.

  That site is called, this site  is similar to the likes of clickbank,   digistore24 and all other affiliate websites.  What makes it stand out from the crowd   however is that it's not strictly  focused on physical and digital products,   you have various make money online products,  cooking products and so on.

Now aside from   that another fantastic feature of this site  that I know many of you will appreciate is   that it has so many different payment  options for you to choose from, PayPal   is arguably the most popular one but  the thing with PayPal is that it's   not available everywhere and so for those of  you who are perhaps living in various Asian   countries or in Africa there are other  options.

Now with that said guys you can   read more about this site, what it is and  so on and so forth but I won't over that,   what you need to do when you first come on  here is to create your brand new account,   and you will do just that by clicking  on start for free in the upper right   corner here, from there you will have to  register by entering your basic information,   you will then verify that the email  address you entered actually belongs to   you, and finally you choose a way to get  paid and you're good to go from there.

  When you sign into your brand new  account this is what you'll come across,   on your dashboard you can see information  about your earnings, so how many visitors,   sales, the gross revenue, and your  earnings. Now in order for you to   browse different products for you to promote  as an affilite and grab the links what you   need to do is click on affiliates right  here, and then you will need to click   on find products.

This will now take you  straight over to this page and will show   you thousands upon thousands of different  offers which you can promote as an affiliate,   something that I really love about  JvZoo is that it gives you quite a   bit of useful information so that you  know exactly which product is best for   you to promote as an affiliate so you can  actually get paid.

You can see the launch   date of the products, how many of them were  sold, "conv" here stands for the conversion rate,   what a conversion rate means for  those of you not familiar with   affiliate marketing is how many people  percentage wise bought the product   after they went over to the sales page, for  example, a conversion rate of 5% means   that 5 out of 100 people bought the  product.

The next thing you can see is EPC,   this stands for earnings per click which  is essentially the average amount of   money made each time someone clicked on  one of the affiliate links relating to   the product in question. Something that is  very nice to know is the average price   so you don't wanna promote a product that's  too cheap and won't make you a lot of money,   and one of the most important things  in this list is the refund rate,   you want that to be less than 10% because  obviously promoting a product that people   are not satisfied with isn't good for you  and won't make you a lot of money.

  Out of all of these   things I mentioned, the number of  products sold, the conversion rate,   refund rate and the average price is  what you wanna look out for, the number   of products sold is quite important because  you know it's a good product without even   having to check the other stats, and  more importantly people will be more   willing to buy a product that has sold many  copies.

You also want the conversion rate   to be above 10% most of the time, the  refund rate as I said should be lower   than 5%, and you want the average price  to be somewhere around $40 or $50.   Something else that is quite important as  well guys is the launch date of the product,   so don't promote products that are too  old, try to find newer ones instead.

   Anyways, by clicking on category here  you'll be able to see all the different   categories of products JvZoo offers, and  as I said before there are many more of   them than on other similar sites which I  really really love about it, there are   literally too many of them on here for  me to read out, and what you need to do   is pick one you are most passionate about.

  For the sake of this video I'll choose   the business and finance category. When  you choose your category you'll now want   to pick one product you want, and like  I said you wanna make sure it has good   stats before going after it and  grabbing that affiliate link.   Here is one product I found that  fits my criteria perfectly,   that you need to do when you find  your product that you think is good   is open it up, on that page you'll be able to  see the commission which in this case is 50%   and that is really really good, you  can also see the price here as well,   if you want to you can even check out the  sales page of the product by clicking right   here.

In any case, when you pick your product  you need to now request approval in order to   get the affiliate link, and when you're  doing that you can tell them stuff like   I'm experienced in affiliate marketing  and I know how to promote products in   this particular niche and I'll be able to  get sales to your page and so and so forth,   when you type all of that in you need  to click on I'm not a robot right   here, tick this box and finally  click on request approval.

  Now to promote your product you can  use various tools at your disposal,   social media being one of the most powerful and  most often used tools as well. For example,   what you can do is go over to different  facebook groups, and since my niche is make   money online I searched for make money  online groups in particular, and as   far as social media is concerned guys facebook  groups are generally not a bad way to go   because they have thousands of members  at the very least and hundreds of   thousands at most so you will be able to get  some clicks to your link that way definitely.

   The next two options you have are  instagram and twitter, so you can   create an instagram page relating to your  niche and post your affiliate link in your bio,   or alternatively you can try using  twitter and look for people who   wanna make money online. Now these  methods do work guys keep that in mind,   but they are not the best ways in my opinion.

The best way to do this by far is by using the   tool I mentioned way in the beginning  of this tutorial guys, I will leave the   link to it in the description box below. Now this software will get   you traffic to any affiliate link within seconds and without   requiring any work from your side.

The  way this works is you enter in keywords   from your niche into this software, they will then create automatically a viral video for you,   you will then add in the affiliate link  where you want all of the traffic to go,   and finally you just have to let the software do the work for you.

   This as you can see is a "Brand New App That Puts  Your Links In Front Of Up To 1-Billion Visitors   Simultaneously For UNLIMITED  Free Traffic In 60 Seconds",   "even If You're A Newbie With ZERO EXPERIENCE!",  so this allows you to make money in affiliate   marketing even if you have absolutely  no experience, and it does not involve   any work from your side either.

This is  arguably the best tool you can use if you   are interested in affiliate marketing  and building a passive income stream.   If you are interested in using this tool  then go ahead and grab my affiliate link   to it in the description below  as I got you a great deal and   it will literally cost you less than 20 bucks.

  And with that said, this is it for today's  video, if you liked it and wanna see more   give this video a thumbs up below, and if you  don't wanna miss any of my upcoming uploads   then click that red subscribe button  and turn on the notifications so   you get notified whenever a new video pops up.

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