$37.94 PayPal payment and $33.16 PayPal payment.   This is not some complicated thing. Literally, all  you have to do is scroll to a YouTube video, and…  This video, I show you how to make money from  watching YouTube videos which is a new strategy   to earn online for absolutely free this year 2021.

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  And that might sound hard to believe right now.   But in just a few minutes, we're actually going  to jump into my computer screen and I'm going   to show you exactly how this works so that  you can take advantage of this for yourself.   Now right before I explain you how you can  do this.

Comment down below, I am from blank,   a.k.a. your Country. In that way, I will know  exactly where you're from. So in the future,   I can make sure that every single video I release  is meant for you. So drop your country’s name in   the comments down below. And don't forget, I have  a special bonus for you at the end of this video   so make sure to stick around and keep  watching all the way until the end.

  So in today's video, we're going to discuss an  amazing new way to actually take advantage of a   very interesting business model where you can just  find videos that you are already interested in and   passionate about on YouTube. And you can get paid  literally just to do that. So without further ado,   let's jump into my computer screen so I  can show you guys exactly how this works.

   But fair warning, this is a little bit complicated  strategy. So don't skip around the video and make   sure that you do watch it all the way through  because the truth is if you can't watch a   10-minute free video on YouTube, how do you expect  to make money online? Now let us get started.

  So first of all, we are going to YouTube. Next, we  have to look for viral style topics. Now what are   the most viral topics on YouTube? Well for me, it  is definitely gaming. I think gamers and gaming on   YouTube is one of the well liked if not the most  watched trending topic on the entire site.

And so,   what is the most popular video game? Well, the  things that come to my mind first are games like   Among Us, Roblox, Cyberpunk 2077, Fortnite, GTA V,  PUBG, Dota 2, Valorant and games like Minecraft,   so we're actually going to search Minecraft  right here. So as you can see, there's a bunch   of people literally thousands if not millions  of people watching gamers play Minecraft.

   This video has 2 million views in just 16 hours.  This one has 17 million views in just 3 days.   So there are massive numbers of people actually  watching these videos. Let's go to this person's   channel right here. So it looks like they're  playing basically all Minecraft stuff.

   So this is a perfect example. And what I want to  do is actually check out this person's videos,   and actually take a look at his most popular. So  we can see that most, if not all of his videos   were really amazing. Right here, Minecraft  Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters GRAND FINALE,   17 million views just 3 days ago.

So this is a  perfect example of an incredibly viral video.   I mean 17 million views and counting in just 3  days literally playing Minecraft! So 17 million   people in just 3 days have watched this video. Now  why is that relevant to you? Well, the more people   who watch these videos, the more you're going  to earn and I'm going to explain why that is in   just a few seconds.

So how this strategy works is  the more interested people are in these YouTube   videos, meaning the more people who are going  to click on and be interested by these videos,   the more people who are going to ultimately watch  these videos, the more money that we can make.   And so what you want to do is find the  most viral video and what does viral mean?   In this context, it means the topic that  most people are actually interested in.

   So you want to find the most universally  applicable video on Minecraft that you think   most people interested in Minecraft are actually  going to click. And the reason for that is the   more people who click the more money you  make. And so let's use this as an example,   Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters GRAND  FINALE, 17 million views in just 3 days.

  And now what we're going to do next is we're  actually going to look at two unique websites.   These are the two biggest websites in this overall  niche. So these are the ones we are going to   focus on because they have the longest history.  They have paid out the most money and they are   absolutely massive companies.

As you can see right  here for the first website which is called Adfly,   over 2 million links clicked today and over  5.3 million registered users, which is pretty   amazing. Now what this site actually does is you  get paid to share your links on the internet.   So literally, you can take a video link that 17  million people have watched like this right here,   we can actually copy it’s link and then  we can paste and shrink the link here.

   Now what happens is you get this shortened  link and every time somebody clicks it,   you get paid. Now I'm going to explain exactly why  you get paid and how this all works in a second.   But I want to show something very interesting  to you guys because I actually went out there   and did all the research for you guys to make  sure that you are actually going to use the   site that makes the most sense for you.

So if you  actually look right here, you can scroll down and   go to where it says payout rates. You can see  your CPM which is the cost per 1000 visitors.   So you can actually make $170.67 per 1000  visitors who click on your shortened link if   they’re from United States, $54.45 if they’re from  United Kingdom, $77.

25 if they’re from Germany,   and so on and so forth. So you can go here, find  and look for the countries with the highest CPMs.  Now, the second best website is called Shorte.st.  And what we're going to do is do the same thing,   we’ll go to payout rates which you can see right  here.

In the United States, they pay $14.04, which   is the guaranteed highest rate. So all you have  to do is find countries with the highest CPMs. Now   as I’ve promised, here’s the first bonus for you  my viewers and subscribers, compare the cost per   1000 visitors or CPM between Adfly and Shorte.

st  and just choose the one that has the higher CPM.   So for example, you can see that in Shorte.st  the CPM in United States is just $14.04,   and if we go back to Adfly, we can see  that the CPM in United States is $170.67.   So we will go with Adfly. So there are different  URL shortening services that pay you every click   but Adfly tends to be the largest, and the  one that has the most users and has paid the   most money, which makes me feel the safest about  recommending it to you guys.

And so we're actually   going to take our URL here by copying it, and  we're going to paste and shrink it here. Now,   watch closely what will actually happens when  we click this link, because this is how this   whole business model works. So they will actually  send you and show you an advertisement right here.

   Now you can skip this ad and go to the video  itself. So the reason how they're able to   actually pay you that money is because they  show an intermediary advertisement every time   somebody clicks on that link, which means  that you get paid per impression of that ad.   And so if we go back to Adfly, you can see that  we can actually make up to $170.

67 every time   somebody clicks on our link on a CPM basis per  1000 clicks. So now the question is where to post   this link, right? We discussed how to find a viral  topic that a lot of people might be interested in   which is Minecraft gameplays, we talked about  how to find the best URL shortening service.

   Now where can we put the shortened link where  people will probably click on, so that we can   actually get paid? Well, that's what we are going  to discuss right now, because that is probably   the most important part of the entire process. But real quick, if you guys are enjoying this   video in which I’ve put a lot of time and energy  to actually do, I would really appreciate it   if you guys tap the like button and make  sure you subscribe with notification on.

   And if we get 1000 likes on this video, I’ll  drop a brand new video next week to show you guys   exactly how to make even more money online doing  basic stuff like this in the comfort of your home.  And so, where are we going to post this link?  Well, make sure before you actually do this,   that you do create an account with Adfly, in  that way, you can log all of your metrics,   all of your clicks and things like that so things  don't get lost.

So we're going to take our link   once we create our free account, and we’ll go to  a platform called Minecraftforum.net. So if we   go to Minecraftforum.net, you can see that this  is a place where literally millions of people   interested in Minecraft come to discuss Minecraft  topics every single day.

As you can see, these are   some of the recent active forum topics. So we're  actually going to the forum section here, where we   can see that there are over 138,000 posts, just in  this certain forum, recent updates and snapshots.   There are over 825,000 posts in the discussion.  There are over 964,000 posts in the suggestions   and so on and so forth.

So what we’ll do is open  up these individual forums right here and put up   a post. Now as I’ve promised, here’s the special  bonus for you my avid viewers and subscribers,   this is how you structure your post, so you can  put a post that goes like this, have you guys   checked out this amazing Minecraft gameplay video  where four of Dream’s friends try to hunt him   down and stop him from beating Minecraft.

Can  they stop Dream from beating the ender dragon   or will Dream survive? Check it out here, and  then you can put and paste your shortened link.   I know, that might sound weird, but there are  literally millions of people who do this stuff.   As you can see, these were very recent posts  that have thousands or tens of thousands or   even hundreds of thousands of views.

And so if you  can get people to view it a bunch of times, it's a   very good and easy thing, like watching an already  viral video from a major YouTuber like Dream.   As you can see, if you get a forum post that  actually goes viral and you get over 180,000 views   just like this post, even if you only convert half  of them to click and watch a free YouTube video,   that's like 90,000 clicks.

And if you're making  90,000 clicks, and per 1000, you're making $170   potentially, that's a lot of money. So 90 times  $170, you could make over $15,000 potentially   if you have a forum thread that actually  goes viral. It's probably not going to work   instantly and you're probably not going to get  rich overnight doing this.

But it is a really   interesting way of making money with basically no  work just by shortening a link and having people   to watch a five second ad before they go on to  actually watch an already viral YouTube video.   And the best thing is you can do this with other  games. You can do this with Among Us, Roblox,   Cyberpunk 2077, Fortnite, GTA V, PUBG, Dota 2,  Valorant, and with other viral video games.

You   can do this in so many different contexts where  you post your shortened links in YouTube comments,   groups on Facebook, forums, and other social media  platforms. And the more people who click, the more   money you make. That wraps it up. That is exactly  how you make money from watching YouTube videos   for absolutely free this year 2021.

And now if  you want to earn even more money, check the first   link at the description down below to discover how  to make money per word you type which is a great   way to earn money online this year 2021, which  anyone, even without previous experience can do.   Yes, it’s possible and I’ll show you exactly how  to do it in that video right there, check it out.

  Thank you so much for watching and be sure to  drop a Like and Subscribe with Notification On so   you don't miss out on any of the new contents. As  always, I will see you in some of the next videos.

Source Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4cj1ZtCPaQ