If you don’t yet shop through a cashback/rebate site, you’re missing out on free money!

Cash back sites are basically shopping portals where for every customer they send to a business/website, they earn a commission.

And in order to entice people to shop through them, they give some of that commission to the buyers in the form of cashback.

For a shopper, it’s an easy way to make/save money.

I mean, if you’re going to buy something anyway, you may as well go through a cash back site and get a few dollars back.

It won’t cost you a dime. And the process is basically the same. The only difference is that instead of going straight to Amazon.com (or any other site), you go to the cashback site first so you can click the Amazon link and do your shopping as usual.

One of the most well-known ones is eBates.

You can earn as much as 5% cashback when you go through eBates.